Deepan Kumar

Deepan Kumar


From the quaint suburbs of Kuala Lumpur comes a boisterous young man named Deepan, whose love for performing and elocution only begins to define him. Deepan is a Jack of quite a few trades and that’s largely a consequence of his undying desire to dip his feet in just about anything and everything. This was exactly how he discovered his love for the performing arts, competitive debating and eventually, facilitating. 


Back when Deepan was this little insecure 14 year-old, he began his journey into the Malaysian performing arts scene by auditioning to be part of Lat Kampung Boy: Sebuah Muzikal (2011). Upon immediately falling in love with the thrill of being on stage, he began venturing further into the world of performing arts, playing Cupid in Short and Sweet Theatre (2012) and a humorous Indian father in Short and Sweet Theatre (2015). He also appeared in the very first edition of Big Nose Production's Tales From The Bedroom where according to him, he felt like he had finally found his theatre family. Upon graduating high school, Deepan began his career in coaching when he returned to his high school to coach the school's drama team, which eventually culminated in the team winning at the district and state levels, ultimately making it to nationals! 


Deepan also competitively debates in his leisure as he firmly believes that debating is one of the best ways to push yourself to learn beyond the boundaries you've set for yourself and is indubitably the best way to save you from ignorance. According to him, he is very grateful to debating because most of his knowledge of the world, ranging from third wave feminism to the Rwandan genocide, was given to him from his exposure to debating. Having broken into the out-rounds of many local tournaments such as APU National Novice 2015 and KDU ProAms 2014, Deepan also gets invited to formally adjudicate at debate tournaments. Thus far, he has adjudicated for 18 tournaments and has been invited to judge 7 Grand Finals, including the prestigious Royal Genders 2016 and ICRC IHL Debating Championship 2016. His experience in the debating world has surely taught him enough to know what it takes to become a competitive debater but to him, debating is much more than just winning, it's all about the ameliorative journey.


He looks forward to sharing his passion and enthusiasm with anyone who's interested in pursuing drama, debate and public speaking under the umbrella of Blubricks.